One World Now!

Just millimetres beneath the surface of our skin we all look the same. Everybody is unique, with a soul, and with the urge for life, creation and fulfilment. In any other country we are foreigners too! Freedom, equality and brotherhood for all people everywhere! With my books about “The Little Medic” and the Dietrich Grönemeyer Foundation, I have been reaching out to children for many years.

Their wellbeing is something very close to my heart. Children live in the here and now. Children belong to the future. And it is children, with their perspective on the world, who open the eyes of us adults time and again to this everyday miracle we call life.

Putting complex ideas into simple words – that’s something I’ve been trying to do for years. The aim is to bring people closer to the theme of sickness and health. But also for us to coexist with mutual love and tolerance in our one world.
It was against the background of the horrifying daily reports on refugees drowning, suffocating or simply becoming the victims of open hatred that this animation developed.

Where words fail, images must speak. To children and their families. Freedom knows no borders and fences. Equality must not founder at the walls we have built in our minds. And brotherhood must be more than just a word. It must be realized. In this one big family we call humanity.

One World Now!

Dietrich Grönemeyer